Episode 43: PSN fail and L.A. Noire

With PSN’s woes ongoing, PSM3 tries to pin the tail of blame with bizarre reference to The Matrix. Plus Editor Dan reveals his Mass Effect love pain, we finish LA Noire to tease its highs and lows, and Andy H’s mic fails, leading to ghostly echoes.


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One Response to Episode 43: PSN fail and L.A. Noire

  1. lee johnson says:

    its an interesting topic the psn outage, funny thing is people are so fast to condemn based on a free service, ok for psn+ and people with card details on there, but i read master card etc confirmed all details were double encrypted.What i find amazing is stores like gamestation shameless capitalising on this, massive A boards outside their shops saying sick of psn being down, trade your ps3 and get an xbox !
    with all their prices etc, truth be told alot of sad people are selling the ps3 console i think its an over reaction, if you electric windows in your car stopped working you wouldn’t sell your car.The product still works just one feature it not working for a temporary amount of time. That’s not to say its not annoying, but seriously play some single player games, or go out side the weather is nice !
    Funny thing is Xbox live went down for 3-4 days starting with Christmas day of course subscribers were given extensions to their service but these guys didn’t run into game shops to trade in the xbox consoles.
    I find it amazing that xbox users can go through so many consoles due to hardware fault and not have a single word said against their machine, if you bought a new TV and it went wrong in 2 months, you had it replaced twice or even 3 times you would then switch brands but not xbox customers, i work in a games shop and one of our customers has had 12 xbox consoles and he will not have a bad work said against MS. This just doesn’t make ant sense to me at all, one reason i would like psn back online is so the childish xbox fanboys can stop coming in and talking about it like they have won something ! I knew ps3’s were shit ! The thing about online is this, why would anyone put their actual details online? i never register with my own name or outlook email address, i used psn vouchers or xbl points, if i do buy online i have to use my real details but you could get identity fraud filling up with petrol and this is what i think people need to remember and put things into context. Sony really need to use this opportunity to come back stronger and introduce some new features to psn, google chrome for a browser, an actual party system.I also agree sony should have just hired that hottz guy, to help with their obvious security issues and to have stopped him doing that awful rap he did.

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